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History of JUGI industrial Manufacturing Co

In 1985 Jugi Industrial Manufacturing Company started its activities in a small workshop in Khavaran area with the manufacturing of the first aluminum rims with cooperation of scientific and industrial research organization in Iran . And then the half-mass production has been begun

Jugi Manufacturing Industry legally has been Registered in the year 1990 . And expanded production with purchasing of laboratory and manufacturing equipments from Germany

In 1991 the company bought a factory with area about 7000 square meters in the area of Khoramdasht near ,Tehran and expand its activity. And the diversity of construction projects in the ring made

In 2002, Jugi could established a national standard of car rims in Iran with collaboration , the Institute of Research and the Ministry of Industry ,. And in the same year with expanding lab equipments Ring Test Center was established in Jugi

In 2004 Jugi Industrial Manufacturing Company produced components parts made of aluminum by purchasing new Die cast machines, , Low pressure machine, Tilt casting machine,

In 2009 the company funded activities for supplying mold ,for doing this duty, it use from inter factory facilities ,inter country equipments , and foreign factories to solve applicant companies mold needs and Jugi too

And now with the quality certification of domestic and overseas authorities parts, continues its activates in three fields , production , supply mold, and testing auto wheel ring

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